How To Dress Your Plants

Every plant deserves a cool, funky knitted dress, don’t they?



You’ll need: Some jute yarn, knitting needles, scissors and a nude plant. (I used Jute from Kismet Yarns in Bright Yellow, and 8.00mm knitting needles)

First, start by measuring the height of your plant. If, for example, the pot measures 15cm, you’ll need to knit a piece that measures 20cm in width. Also, work with larger than normal needles. You don’t want your knitting to be too tight. Then, measure the full circumference of the pot at its broadest section.

Cast on enough stitches to cover the required width. Start knitting in garter stitch, (every row is a knit row), until your piece measures the circumference required.


Cast off, fold the piece in half and sew up the side seam.


Slip the dress over the pot, fold the top section over, and stand back and admire your gorgeously dressed plant. Easy, peasy, right?




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