How To Make A Hexagon Blanket

Oh my. I’ve long admired all the beautiful hexagon blankets out there. The riot of colour! This is an excellent stash buster for all those little balls of yarn that you feel too sorry to chuck out, but is simply not enough to make something substantial.


I started my blanket early last year (yes, I know. It’s shocking!) and finally finished. I used all my odd bits of yarn, and can safely say that almost every single South African yarn company is represented in the blanket. The only ‘foreign’ yarn would be the Scheepjes Stonewash and the Kartopu Baby Cotton. The coloured sections are all mainly merino and cotton, with a few blends. The main colour is Pure Gold in Vanilla, and the neon yarn is Kartopu’s Baby Cotton.

So gather all your odds, find a main colour and get cracking!

The hexies were made using Attic24’s super cute pattern. I decided to use one colour to ‘bind’ them all together. I didn’t want mine to be too busy, and I wanted the hexies to really stand out.


I also used her join-as-you-go method. I find it looks neater than simply whip-stitching them together.


For the border, I used a tutorial I found via Dover & Madden. I don’t like wavy uneven edges, and she did a terrific job with her design.

I picked the brightest, most neon-y yarn I could find to add interest to the border. This adds a brilliant fun element to the completed blanket.


I’m super chuffed with the finished blanket, and really glad this is one more WIP I can tick of my list!

Enjoy making your own!





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